Without our ideology, our principles, we would not be where we are today. We would not be who we are today. These are our core values.

♚ Intricacy - in our approach toward detail.
♚ Opulence with every garment at first touch.
♚ Divergence in honor of our creativity and originality.
♚ Gratitude for the opportunity to seize another day.
♚ Loyalty to our customers, supporters, employees, friends and family.
♚ Independence in self sufficiency and intellection.
♚ Tenacity in our diligence to invigorate quality control.
♚ Reliability - in customer service and garment virtue.
♚ Tranquility fueling competence within our looming fate.
♚ Morality in customer care and reciprocity.


Committed to the intricate, with loyalty to opulence and a vision of composure Ben Smith leads both a refined and contemporary-chic style. Ben was born in 1998 in the industrial economy of Minneapolis and raised by his single mother throughout his upbringing.

His affinity for business, international studies, and innovation was formed early in life through his own self interest providing exposure to the most grandiose. 

With the utmost delight Ben Smith aims to bring you garments you wear with confidence within oneself. 

Currently the designer divides his time between his HQ in Minneapolis and furthering his label and expertise in high fashion, investing, & economics.



Here we embrace divergence going against the norm.

Ben Smith intends on producing pinnacle garments only, art of its kind.

With distinction and disruption, our designs implement an exceptional lifestyle for the opulent. Internationally renowned and recognized, this is where Ben Smith directs our endeavors.

Inventing collections that drive relentless pursuit of grandeur, sophistication, and modernism, the Ben Smith brand and lifestyle are in acclamation to those who seize each day as their last, those who deviate from regularity.


"Don't question it understand it."

- Benjamin Smith